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A.D.M. Camps are for Demigods and montster/human or monster/god offspring. Not all Demigods are the offspring of a God and a mortal, some are born with the blood of a God and a Monster or an immortal and a mortal being. Those that aren't exactly Demigods are referred to as Demihumans or Hybrids.

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All Demigods, Legacies, Demihumans, and Hybrids, are welcome to join the Alliance. We are children of extraordinary beings and will work together to become one in purpose. What's this purpose you might ask? Well the A.D.M. is a camp that works just like any other camp would. We have our own Oracle, camp leaders, houses, claiming ceremonies, quests, and camp activities. We are a growing Camp and we need your help. This is an RPG wiki that I would like to function just like the other Demigod Camps but a little more outside play than inside play.

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